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Our team of experienced travelers:

- Website owner Brigit (TravelAdmin) - Travel Guru Ivona - Administrator Travelman, and - Moderator and travel professional Cindy.

We want to share our love of travel with you and build a community of friendly and polite members on this website and in our forums. We are still new, so please give us time to grow. Look for new content every once in a while and let us surprise you!


Message from the Owner of Friendly Travel Chat

My name is Brigit, and as this website’s owner (TravelAdmin) I would like to welcome you to our small but friendly virtual travel chat corner. Consider it your home for all your travel questions and answers: drop in every once in a while to say hello and see what’s new.

Thanks for stopping by today!



Where YOU come in
  • Polite Society… If you ever wanted to ask a travel question or
    Independent_enpost your experiences but were afraid to be ridiculed or unfairly attacked: it won't happen here - promise. As long as you are polite and friendly, all your questions and opinions are welcome.

  • Travel on your mind all the time… If a trip has left you euphoric and you need to bridge the time to your next voyage, our website will keep your entertained. Learn about destinations, read reviews, exchange advice with like-minded posters - for a virtual "extension" of your vacation.

  • Bad holidays do happen… Your vacation costs you money and valuable vacation days. If you were disappointed, you have a right to voice your concerns. Please let us and other forum readers know about it. We not only care, but will do something about it. See "What we can do for you". 

  • Travel is more than buying tickets... Have a question the travel guides cannot answer, like when to get that manicure before your trip or how to shape up for your bikini figure? We will consult experts and compile our readers' best advice. - Send us your tip, and we will publish it in our Advice section with your name.

  • From flirt to crush to love… Just one unforgettable look, innocent crush, or exotic passion can turn an ordinary trip into a turning point in life. Your own love story may be another person's dream - or nightmare! Rave about your romance, or cry on our shoulder: we are here for you.

  • Utmost privacy…. Your username is all that is required for our forums; all other information is displayed at your discretion. We will never ask personal questions. We do not display when you joined or how many posts you have because both new and experienced posters are equally important to us.



What we can do for you
HotelRev2_enHotel Rankings We will create rankings of hotels based on hotel reviews to help you make a decision before you book your next vacation. We will also set up polls to rank tour operators, air lines or other service providers in the travel industry. Answer your Questions We will try our very best to answer all your travel questions - either in our Advice pages, in our forums, or ONE ON ONE in a private exchange with our Travel Guru. Inform Hotels about Problems

If we detect negative trends in hotels such as serious issues like theft, we will contact the hotel to draw their attention to the problem! This will be from us, and reviewers' names will not be mentioned unless requested. We will then publish the hotel's response.


Sorry, but there are things we cannot do for you…
Hotel Review_enWe cannot:
  • Book vacations, flights or hotels for you. We are not travel agents.
  • Get discounts for you - we are are not "connected".
  • Contact hotels to ask specific questions on your behalf.
  • Set up itineraries and/or travel plans for you.
  • Make decisions for you about which hotel to book.
  • Host your vacation pictures/photo albums.
  • Locate and/or contact people for you.

We are NOT selling anything on this website - travel-related or otherwise.

Please note that we cannot publish travel blogs at this time.


GirlWinking_enSpecial appreciation goes to our administrators Ivona the Travel Guru and Peter the Travelman and to Cindy: thanks for holding back my arms when I was ready to throw in the towel during the development phase of this website, and for making it so much better with your contributions. I would also like to thank Denis at Shangri-la, our professional illustrator, for converting my illustration ideas into legible cartoons. And many thanks to the people who invented the Internet. Brigit


* Unless otherwise noted, all text content, photographs and illustration ideas by TravelAdmin Brigit.

* Professional Illustrations on this website provided by Denis Proulx/Shangri-La Studio www.shangrila-studio.com