Good deeds and travel: Perfect combination!

Volunteer to enrich a life (including yours)
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Volunteering can enrich your life tremendously. It doesn't even have to cost you a lot - often just donating your time is all that it takes.

Especially in developing countries where you go on vacation, taking a small donation can make a world of difference. Once you bring a gift to a church, a country clinic, or a children's facility and experience the tremendous appreciation, you will know how much your generosity is really worth.

Something you may not have known: More often than not, it is the GESTURE of you showing you care that is valued the most. 

What volunteering can do for travelers:

  • It gives your trip a purpose.
  • You have a good reason to venture off your resort to deliver your donations at a church, clinic, or other facility.
  • You will meet terrific people in volunteer groups and the recipient country.
  • Volunteering makes you feel good and helps you become a better person.
  • It provides retired and lonely people with a focus.

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Not Just Tourists Ottawa: Supporting the world's health - one suitcase at a time!
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The Cat Rescue Network


Give your trip a purpose!

On your last trip to a country that is part of the developing world, you may have noticed that the local population is not enjoying the same standard of living as most people in Europe or North America.
You may have thought, wow, it would be great to make a difference here...

Thoughts like that show you care.
The world needs more people like you!

One easy way to help is to pack useful items on your next trip (as your luggage allowance permits). Stuff that is always appreciated:

  • Medication. Try to stick to known, over-the-counter remedies such as pain killers or digestion aids.
  • School supplies. Bring high quantities of simple items such as pencil and note books. For pencils, don't forget sharpeners (and refills for mechanical pencils).
  • Gently used children's clothes. All sizes are welcome. Throw in unwanted toys as well.



Good Deeds Organizations worth a look

Where do you get the best bang for your good intentions? Easy: involve the experts! They know how, why, to whom, how fast, and via which venue to direct your donations so they have maximum impact.

You may even consider becoming a volunteer in one of these organizations!

We feature some of best organizations here (click on the title):

Organizations for Travelers

  • Not Just Tourists
  • John Dubois

Pet Rescue and Organizations

  • The Pet Rescue Network

Cancer Support Organizations