Hotel Abbreviations - Hotels in Cuba
Aficionados of certain hotels will often refer to their favorite haunts by their abbreviation - it’s a nice gesture of endearment, but it can leave other forum readers guessing. Not to mention a lot of confusion when someone asks if they should stay at the STD or at the PMS in the resort BS...

We have prepared a list of popular hotel abbreviations and their full names to help you navigate all travel forums out there (not just ours).

Please let us know if an entry is missing, and we will add it to the list. 


Popular Hotel Abbreviations: Cuba

AB         Arenas Blancas (Varadero)
AD        Arenas Doradas (Varadero)
BG        Brisas Guardalavaca (Holguin
BC        Brisas Covarubias (Holguin
BCC      Breezes Bella Costa (Varadero
BCSM    Barcelo Cayo Santa Maria (Cayo Santa Maria)
BCV       Blau Costa Verde (Holguin
BLG       Brisas Los Galeones (Santiago de Cuba
BJ         Breezes Jibacoa (Varadero
BMP      Barcelo Marina Palace (Varadero
BSL       Brisas Santa Lucia (Camaguey
BS         Barcelo Solymar (Varadero
BSM      Brisas Sierra Mar (Santiago de Cuba
BV         Breezes Varadero (Varadero) CAA       Club Amigo Atlantico (Holguin)
CAG      Club Amigo Guardalavaca (Holguin)
CCJ       Cameleon Club Jibacoa (Varadero)
CM        Costa Morena (Santiago de Cuba)

FDC       Farallon de Caribe (Manzanillo)
GCSL     Gran Club Santa Lucia (Camaguey)

ID         Iberostar Daiquiri (Cayo Guillermo)
IT         Iberostar Tainos (Varadero)
LBG       Las Brisas Guardalavaca (Holguin)

MCC      Melia Cayo Coco (Cayo Coco)
MCG      Melia Cayo Guillermo (Cayo Guillermo)
MCSM    Melia Cayo Santa Maria (Cayo Santa Maria)
MDP      Marea de Portillo (Manzanillo)
MLA       Melia Las Americas (Varadero)
MLD      Melia las Dunas (Cayo Santa Maria)
MV        Melia Varadero (Varadero) NHK       NH Kristal (Cayo Coco)
NHPC     NH Parque Central (Havana)
OPC      Oasis Playa Coco (Cayo Coco)
OPT      Occidental Playa Turquesa (Holguin)
ORH      Occidental Royal Hideaway (Cayo Ensenachos) PCV       Playa Costa Verde (Holguin)
PDM      Princessa del Mar (Varadero)
PP         Playa Pesquero (Holguin)
PRDO    Paradisus Rio de Oro (Holguin)
PV         Paradisus Varadero (Varadero) SCCC    Sol Club Cayo Coco (Cayo Coco)
SCCG    Sol Club Cayo Guillermo (Cayo Guillermo)
SCL       Sol Cayo Largo (Cayo Largo)
SCSM    Sol Cayo Santa Maria (Cayo Santa Maria)
SLS       Sirenis la Salina (Varadero)
SLYM     Sol Rio de Luna y Mares (Holguin)
SRH      Sandals Royal Hicacos (Varadero)
SSC       Sol Sirenas Coral (Varadero) TCC      Tryp Cayo Coco (Cayo Coco)
TP         Tryp Penninsunal (Varadero