Special Feature: Members' Picks
GrandMelia-Fountain_enWhat are Members' Picks?

Here we invite our readers to feature hotels where they have stayed. If you have special photos you would like to share with our audience, you can do it here!

A Member's Pick does not have to be a favorite. If the hotel has flaws, feel free to mention them in your comments.

You will get full credit for your contribution, either with your real name or a screen name (your choice).

How can you participate? Easy:

  • Put a few of your favorite photos together (max. 6 photos)
  • Write up your comments for your photos (text file, Word, etc.). Make sure we know which comment goes with which photo.
  • Contact us (last link in left menu) and we will send you an e-mail address where you can send your contribution.

Featured hotels in this section:

- Dreams Cancun
- Gran Melia Cancun