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We have selected some of those questions and asked experts for their input. Our most experienced travelers contributed their opinions as well, and the result is a variety of explanations ranging from simple to surprising.

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Questions and Answers

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"Why do some hotels provoke such polarized reviews? There are places people seem to either love or hate…"

A lot depends on what kind of room you end up with. I have seen hotels with vastly different levels of quality when it came to rooms… (more)

"In this day and age, with electronic communication, computer scheduling and internet - how can there be overbooking at hotels?"

Overbooking is a popular pretext for 'someone screwed up, or something went wrong, but we don't want to get into detail or admit anything'… (more)

 "Why can I not get the room I requested (third floor with king-size bed)? I booked well in advance and e-mailed the hotel my requests…"

Sorry, but if you purchased "run of the house" rooms, then you have to take the room that is assigned to you at the discretion of the hotel… (more)

"I am taking narcotic painkillers for a chronic condition. If I run out or lose my pills while on vacation, how difficult is it to get some?"

In some countries, getting a doctor's prescription for narcotic painkillers may be difficult if you are not a citizen or resident of that country… (more)

"Another obituary in the local paper where someone passed away during their holiday abroad... How can people die on their vacation, and why don't we hear about it in the news?"

You won't find much in the news because most of these deaths are due to… (more)