Our very best Travel Tips!

Why do we need a Travel Tips page?

Every travel season, people ask questions in travel forums and receive amazing answers - by experienced travelers or experts. Unfortunately, much of this helpful information disappears under new forum threads and is lost forever.

But not here! We rescue these travel tips and tricks to preserve them for eternity.

If you have a tip you'd like to share, please send it to us and we will publish it here. Your contribution will appear with your name if you wish. Or if you were the victim of a scam, you can give your negative experience a positive outcome by warning other travelers.

We hope you enjoy our compilation and help us expand it!



Travel 101: Everything about Travel

Our big Book of Travel!

We have compiled a Travel 101 guide that might be helpful for both new and experienced travelers. Read everything about travel there is to know:

Travel 101 - Part I: Hotels, Stars, Meal plans, Room types

  1. Selecting your holiday destination
  2. The Hotel: So many choices, so little money…
  3. Hotel stars: what do they mean?
  4. What are Meal Plans and what is included?
  5. Room type and occupancy explained

Left turn: Upgraded, Downgraded, Trip cancelled...Can they do that?


Travel 101 - Part II: Air planes, Flights, Airports

  1. Flight and Ticket Language
  2. Cabin Classes and Upgrades
  3. Overbooked Flights – How can this happen?
  4. Flight Connections & Transfers

Left Turn: Delays, Changes, Denied Boarding… Can they do that?


Beauty Tips for Travel

A trip is a special occasion, and you want to look your very best. We have collected advice from both beauty experts and experienced travelers you may find interesting and helpful. Read all Beauty Advice HERE, or go directly to:

- Which cosmetic treatments are useful for your trip?
- Medical esthetics and travel: what to know
- How to feel sexy on your vacation


Packing Tips for Travel

With airline restrictions on baggage allowances, limited in-flight services and shrinking budgets to purchase what you need on location, knowing how to pack has become an essential skill for travel.
Read here what experienced travelers advise about packing HERE!



Pets and Vacations
Your suitcases are packed, the tickets are waiting on the kitchen counter – and the only thing that separates you from your trip is the question what to do about the pets.

We have asked a veterinarian’s assistant, and here is what she advises:

For recommended pet boarding facilities, click HERE.


Safety and Security

Statistically speaking, travel is a safe activity for most people. However, sooner or later even the most experienced travelers encounter one of those annoyances related to travel.
Read all our Safety & Security tips HERE, or go directly to:

- Avoid these perfectly legal hotel scams!
- Not so legal scams in hotels: Protect yourself!
Be warned about thefts from hotel safes!
- Theft from luggage - what to do


Scams abroad - be warned!

Tourists are perfect targets for scam artists abroad: tourists have money, they let their guard down in "vacation mode", and they are not familiar with local conditions.

Read country-specific warnings about:

- Costa Rica
- Cuba
- Dominican Republic
- Mexico


Slim down for your bikini (or speedo) figure!

Why is losing weight so hard? We asked a personal cook, a professional nutritionist, and our readers.
Read all contributions HERE, or go to individual topics:

- How wealthy people stay slim - tips from a personal cook 
- Our posters rate various commercial weight loss programs
- A dietician weighs in: nutritional advice from a professional


Your Health and Travel

Nobody can enjoy a holiday when health issues surface. Read HERE what our readers recommend to start their vacations healthy and stay that way!

  • Start your trip healthy and with energy: Vitamins
  • On the warpath against pesky mosquitoes!




Your health: Medical conditions - is it safe to travel?

This special section is for people who have a medical condition and would like to know if it's safe to travel, and for experienced travelers who can give advice to others.

Click HERE to see all medical conditions, or go directly to: