This Page is for Fun... Sit back - Smile - Enjoy.

Not to be taken seriously !!

For your Amusement:

Welcome to Hotel "Loco"

Sun... Sand... Exotic drinks...

What can possibly go wrong on vacation?

Oh, A LOT!

If you've never been to a hotel where:

  • The hot-dog cart is their a-la-carte restaurant
  • Daily entertainment is a cockroach race
  • Sandwiches contain real sand
  • Rum mixed with tap water qualifies for a cocktail, and
  • Table clothes are yesterday's newspaper:

You've missed a lot of holiday fun!

Not to worry - we salvaged it for you: Visit Hotel Loco here... where we laugh about vacation mishaps instead of crying.


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Serious Questions - Funny Answers

The following are funny answers to travel questions that were given by real people:

Q.        Do we need a converter at this hotel?
A.         No, the front desk will convert your money for you.

Q.        The brochure says rooms have French balconies. What's a French balcony?
A.         I think it's because it has a croissant shape…

Q.        What is the currency in Cuba?
A.         The national currency is CUP.
Q.        A cup of - what?

Q.        What kind of rooms are on level 1-2?
A.         One minus two is minus one, so they must be basement rooms.

Q.        Where is the beach at this hotel?
A.         It's right at the ocean.

Q.        Do they have catamarans?
A.         Yes, but in Mexico these creatures are called "Iguanas".

Q.        Who is the Vice President?
A.         What kind of vices does he have?