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Category: Pet Boarding

Name:                    Pet Bed and Breakfast (for cats)

Location:               Ottawa (Canada), East end Website:       Recommended why?

Pet Bed and Breakfast offers cage-free boarding in a playful environment: instead of being locked away in cages, cats can enjoy interesting roaming, exploring, climbing and chewing possibilities at this innovative “holiday camp for cats”. Another big plus: The owners keep a daily blog with photos of your cat so you can check from your vacation place how your cat is doing (if you have internet access). Members of our website have boarded their cats at Pet Bed and Breakfast, are very happy, and warmly recommend it!


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Category: Travel Agents & Travel Agencies

Name:                    CMS Global Travel 
Sharon Saliga-Farrell, Travel Consultant

Location:               Ottawa (Canada)

                               613-692-6676 Office
                               613-863-6625 Cell 

Business Description
Travel Consultant with 27 years in the Travel Industry...agent, manager, owner knowledge and of course a personal love of travelling!
I have worked in a busy mall travel office to owning my own agency to working with one of the most competitive discount agencies in the now working as an independent agent through a local Ottawa office. 

I can match and sometimes beat the large discount offices...but, more important than that, I will give you my honest feedback and personal customer service at the same time!   
Any questions or price enquiries please email at or feel free to call with your questions.  

Recommended why?
Several members of our website have used Sharon's services for years - and we certainly can attest to the fact that Sharon loves travel! Most important: All those years in the business and travel agent discounts add up to a lot of hotels Sharon has visited in person.
A good travel agent should have first-hand knowledge of the destinations, and be reliable. Sharon really excels at both, and that's why we are recommending her and her business to our readers.