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San Andres Island Photo Collection


San Andres is one of Ivona's "Special Destinations". Read here what she can tell us about his fascinating little island:

San Andres – Two words; Party Island.  This small island (12km long and 3km’s wide) situated just off the coast of Nicaragua is where Colombians, Canadians, Americans and just about everyone else comes to party. The happy party atmosphere is everywhere you go; on the beach, in town, at the nightclubs and on the streets.  You will not find luxurious 5 star resorts here, but what you will find are incredibly affordable clean hotels staffed by some of the friendliest folks in the business.  Great year-round weather and some of the clearest blue-est Caribbean sea you will find anywhere.  And did I mention that the shopping is tax free?


(All photos courtesy of our Travel Guru Ivona)