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Learning Vacations


Are you one of those people who love to come home from their trips with some sort of achievement? Then a learning vacation might be for you.

Return with brand-new skills:

  • A foreign language
  • New recipies from a cooking course
  • Knowledge about history and culture
  • and more!

You will also meet great people who share your interests.

How do you go about booking a learning vacation? What kind of skills can you learn while on a trip?

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Quit the Rat Race!
Quit the Rat Race3_en


More and more people are looking into the option of retiring abroad where their pensions afford them a better life than they could expect at home.

People who live in less hospitable climates may also like the idea of spending their golden years in sunny, golden days to match.

But retirement is so far away...

Is it? Not necessarily. Would you like to read about people who were fed up with their stressful life and left it to enjoy peace and tranquility, an improved quality of life, and/or pursue a whole different career?


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Sailing - Yachting - Boating: Chart your own course!
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Read about people who treasure the ultimate freedom of navigating their own boat - along a river or in the open sea.

Many dedicated boaters consider this type of travel the ultimate adventure. And how could it not be, when every sliver of land you discover on the horizon makes you feel like Christopher Columbus...


Interested in learning more about it? Read this phantastic feature by our Travel Guru Ivona:

Sail Away - Sailing Vacations explained.




Spa Holidays
Spa Holiday_en


There are many reasons travelers consider a Spa vacation:

  • To improve their health
  • To undergo beauty treatments
  • To find spiritual serenity
  • To lose weight
  • To cleanse their body
  • To quit smoking or over-eating

In many European countries, public health plans provide for a stay at a medical spa after a life-threatening condition (such as a heart attack), for chronic conditions (to improve skin infections, for example), or after accidents. It is called "taking a cure" - and in most cases, the 3 or 4 week of such a medically supervised holiday is very effective in restoring people's health.

In this section, we explain what a European spa holiday entails and where you can get more information.

We would like to hear from people who have taken a wellness holiday at a North American retreat.


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Volunteering Vacations
Good Deeds_en


The people who spend their vacations volunteering have a myriad of reasons for their choice:

  • ...they want to make a difference in the word
  • ...they enjoy the incredible "Esprit de corps" of volunteer teams
  • ...they are on a quest of self-discovery
  • ...they want to meet people who will be friends for life

Read in this section what volunteering vacations are like, what the cost aspect is, what other say about this special type of travel. Then make a decision if a volunteering trip is for you - or not.

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