Why we need the small print

We’ve seen it all: mudslinging, ego-wrestling, tiffs and temper tantrums - the Internet can bring out the worst in some people when they can hide behind the anonymity of a username.    

So - where do the nice folks meet? In each other's kitchens, the library - and here at Friendly Travelchat.

However, to provide such a friendly and safe environment, we need a firm set of rules and will enforce them.

Please observe these rules - they are made, above all, to protect YOU!


  1. All drinks shown on this website are non-alcoholic, low-calorie and vegetable or fruit based.
  2. No animals, plants or lawyers were hurt in our cartoons.
  3. No products were tested on guinea pigs, real pigs, or ex-boyfriends.
  4. Terms like "PMS" or "fat" are purely coincidental and should not be read in conjunction with real people.
  5. Note about all cigarettes or cigars shown or mentioned on our website: we did NOT inhale.
  6. No work on this website was produced in a sweatshop except this very disclaimer which we thought up while sitting in the sauna.
  7. Jus' kidding… here is the real Disclaimer:


Rules for posting in our Forums

1.     Sorry, folks - no commercial posts. A review for the Hotel Colon doesn't mean our members are interested in colon cleansers. If you like to advertise on our website, kindly contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

2.      Please do not use this website to further your cause. Although we agree that the North-American cross-legged centipede should be saved from extinction, our website is not the place for a campaign.

3.     Even if they are travel-related, the "usual suspects" such as pornography, underage sex partners, illegal drug use and other activities with a permanent home in the penal code are off-limits.

4.     Do not attack, ridicule, or otherwise offend other posters! If you disagree with a post or hotel review, express it in a civilized and helpful manner. Easy test: read your post and ask yourself how you would take it if another poster had written this to you. If your blood pressure rises, hit the Delete button.

If you are annoyed or offended by another post:

  • Read it again to make sure you didn't misunderstand or misinterpret the text
  • Try to see where the "offender" is coming from; maybe he/she has a valid point
  • Sleep on it before firing off an angry response
  • Rat the post out to us and we will either a) delete/edit the post or b) reassure you that the poster just mis-spelled "public area" and didn't leave the letter l out on purpose.

5.     We reserve the right to delete posts that do not conform to our friendliness policy. Cranky moments or communication accidents can happen to anyone - we will simply delete a non-conforming post without much fuss. Rude or offensive posters get a warning. If posters continue to offend, they will be deregistered (also without much fuss).

6.     Our website is not for everyone. Posters from other forums are welcome to register here, but we regret that we cannot accommodate posters whose style of expression may not be suitable for our website.

7.     Zero tolerance for "Forum crashers" or "forum busters" (see below).


What are "Forum Crashers" or "Forum Busters"?
Forum crashers invade established forums with the intent to destroy it. They are either maladjusted individuals who thrive on hurting or dominating others, or they want to put a rival website out of business. This is how they work: first they observe a forum to identify main posters, the forum's vibe, and its weak points (topics that elicit polarized responses or posters who react strongly). Then they register and pose as legitimate new members. When they are ready to strike, forum crashers begin to post senseless content or offensive posts. They attack other posters and start contentious or disruptive threads. They seem to thrive on "forum fights". By the time they are caught, the damage is often done - regular posters have left, the congenial atmosphere is gone, and the forum's reputation is ruined. Several very active and popular forums have been destroyed this way!

If "forum crashers" or "forum busters" invade our website:
We will deregister suspected crashers immediately and prevent re-registration of the poster's ISP number. We also reserve the right to take legal actions.


Using the Private Messaging System (PM)

The same rules that apply to posting in forums also apply to our Private Message System. Although its abbreviation is PMS, it is not the place to vent frustrations in private!

Sending rude messages, making inappropriate comments or using the system for any other nefarious purposes constitutes immediate grounds for deregistration.


Rules for writing Hotel Reviews
Hotel Review_en1.     Please do not attack, ridicule, or otherwise offend other reviews or people! Sorry, but any comments we deem offensive will be the victim of the Delete button. Please respect other people's opinion as your opinion will be respected.
2.     Phrases in reviews we don’t like to see (among others):
  • …People who complain should stay home!
  • …Ignore all other reviews!
  • …Don't listen to the whiners!
  • …They must have gotten paid to write this!
3.     To keep the legal profession off our backside, we cannot post names of individuals mentioned in a negative context. We will replace these names with XXX.

4.     You may want to abbreviate the names of people who have arranged "under the table" deals for you because these good souls may lose their job if their full name appears on the Internet.

5.     Please refrain from insulting other nationalities. Inconsiderate folks come from everywhere including your own country (remember last time you got mad about your obnoxious neighbor? Or your ex-brother in law? Voilá/Ecco/Na bitte!) 



Friendly Travel Chat - Disclaimer

1.         Content Protection

All content of the above website and its pages and forums is the property of FriendlyTravelChat. No part of it may be used for any commercial purposes whatsoever without express written permission from FriendlyTravelChat. This website and its contents may not be reproduced, transmitted, published, exhibited, copied, or used as a base for derivatives except where expressly permitted. Any commercial exploitation of any of its contents is subject to royalty payments, due and payable to FriendlyTravelChat. Exceptions: You may print or download individual pages for personal use only. Quotes from this website may be published elsewhere, provided FriendlyTravelChat is listed as the source.

2.         Views and Opinions

All opinions, personal quotes, forum posts, hotel reviews and any other content provided on this website by parties other than FriendlyTravelChat are the sole responsibility of the author and do not reflect the views of FriendlyTravelChat. We cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience caused by inaccurate, misleading, or incomplete statements contained in such third-party contributions. We do not guarantee any of the free advice published on this website, either in terms of its accuracy, effectiveness, timeliness or other qualities. We are not liable for any commercial loss incurred to business entities due to opinions that are contributed by our users and published by on this website, especially hotel reviews.

3.         Posts in Forums

While we will make all reasonable efforts to monitor and police posts, we cannot be held responsible for any inflammatory, aggressive, racist, misogynist or otherwise disruptive posts that may be offensive to some users. We will do our utmost to delete such posts as soon as possible, warn and/or deregister their author(s), and maintain a banning list for known offenders.

4.         Privacy

We will keep all personal information provided to us strictly confidential. Any display of user information is controlled by the user himself/herself. Basic requirements are only the username and an optional avatar. We urge our users to use common sense before disclosing personal information online. No advertiser on our website will be allowed access to user information other than displayed items. We will never disclose any information known to us to third parties except where such disclosure is the result of disruptive attempts on our website, including but not limited to: hacking, manipulating posts, attacking or otherwise inconveniencing other members, and any other action deemed inappropriate.

5.         Use of Communication Facilities

Registered members can send each other private messages via the forum's private message system. FriendlyTravelChat cannot be held responsible for any views expressed in such messages. Since we cannot monitor these messages, we kindly ask our members to report all misuse of the private message system to us. Inappropriate use of the private message system such as sending personal attacks to other members, distributing spam, mass-mailing political messages or any other misuse is grounds for the offender's immediate deregistration without warning.

6. Memberships and Registration

FriendlyTravelChat is a private website that does not provide services for pay. We are not obligated to accept every person who applies for membership, and we reserve the right to reject membership applications without stating a reason. We also reserve the right to ban individuals if they use this website to publish inappropriate content and/or otherwise violate posting rules, both in the forums and the private message system. The number of warnings (if any) before deregistration is at our discretion.

7.         Legal recourse

We reserve the right to resort to legal actions such as requesting court orders to disclose the owner of e-mail address and ISP numbers if our website is subjected to disruptive actions such as harassment, hacking, repeated spamming, or any other malicious attempt. We will also pursue any copyright infringements, including demands for payment of royalties.