Vacation... Romance... Love!

This is a very special section in our website. With personal stories, thoughts on love and attraction, and YOUR opinions, we will try to explain this phenomenon that has become a huge part of travel.

The Phenomenon of Love abroad
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How do people fall in love on vacation? Exotic beauties… balmy nights and sunny days… colorful liquids to do away with inhibitions - all make a fast track to romance.

Not to forget economic disparities: island Romeos (and Juliettes) are looking to escape poverty by charming a foreign visitor into marriage and can be relentless in their pursuit. Tourists, on the other hand, may find their love fuelled by the desire to rescue a "Damsel in Distress".

Everything can - and does - happen on vacation.

Did an island romance change your life? Let us know about it; your story may be an inspiration for others.

Or did your love affair end up at Heartbreak Hotel? We are here to listen. Deceit in love is one of the most painful events someone can experience. But using it to explain life and teach others is the first step in overcoming the pain and emerge a stronger person.



First-Aid Box...
…for people who have a relationship with a foreigner.

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The Book of Love Abroad



Love that transcends borders... find all the answers here:

0 - Introduction

1 - How it begins

2 - Looking for love

3 - The Relationship

4 - Adjusting to a new life

5 - Intercultural Marriages


Love and Romance abroad - Part 0: Introduction

  • Falling in love on vacation: Romance novel or heartbreak hotel?
  • The Challenges
  • The Rewards

*** Left Turn: Why do many of these relationships fail?

Love and Romance abroad - Part 1: It begins with Attraction

  • Where does attraction come from?
  • Why are tour guides or entertainers abroad so attractive to tourists?
  • When the "Falling in love" part happens

*** Left Turn: Are you loved for yourself or for your Passport?

Love and Romance abroad - Part 2: Looking for Love abroad - why?

  • I. Being their own beautiful Alter-ego abroad
  • II. Looking for Spouses of a different Culture or Nationality
  • III. Looking for a Spouse of the same Culture or Nationality
  • IV. Arranged Marriages
  • V. Seeking paid companionship abroad

*** Left Turn: Marriage Fraud and Marriages of Convenience (MOCs)

Love and Romance abroad - Part 3: The Relationship

  • Emotional Separation
  • Physical Separation
  • Communication Issues

*** Left Turn: When jealousy takes the better of you

Love and Romance abroad - Part 4: Adjusting to a new Life

Love and Romance abroad - Part 5: Intercultural Marriages



In their own words: Personal Stories

In this page, we are turning the word over to our users. We publish their stories as they were told to us. Some of these stories can also be found in our Forums where they are open for discussion.


Read their stories here:


- Rob's story: a cautionary tale
In February 2004, Rob's life is on a downward spiral. His wife has walked out shortly before Christmas, and the overtime he has put in since then has burnt him out... (more)

I may be reaching, asking you all for advice. But I have to talk about my situation. It's killing me. Please hear me out, and tell me what you think… (more)

- Young guy's tale: Heartbreak in the Dominican
To those who think it only happens to mature people, falling in love with younger Latinos and Latinos… think twice… (more)

- Alex' story: Divorce after only 6 months!
In 2007, Alex married a beautiful girl from Canada named Lisa and arrived in Canada after waiting 18 months for his visa. He returned to Cuba 6 months later. Lisa has filed for divorce. What went wrong?… (more)